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How to benefit maximum from your PaisaLive Account...

by PaisaLive . com on Tuesday, February 1, 2011 at 8:06am

We receive numerous queries from our members daily, asking us to tell them how some of our members are so successful with PaisaLive, while they are struggling to earn a decent amount. We would like to list certain points that will help you to earn maximum from your PaisaLive Account:

1. You should NOT just click on the Ad Email and Close the Advertiser's Page

We record all your activities on our website and on advertiser's page. When our system detects that you are just opening the Advertiser's Page and closing it, without participating in any of the offers, we REDUCE your activity score. With a reduced activity score, you receive less number of paid emails with lesser amount.

It is important for our business model that our members participate in at least the promotions which are suiting to their interests. The more the number of campaigns you participate in, the higher your activity score, and hence, higher the payout per email and number of paid emails.

2. You should login to your PaisaLive Account Daily

Not only we add token login amount to your account, we also gradually increase your activity score when you login to PaisaLive Account daily. This helps you in higher payout.

We are currently aware that login process works slowly for few of our members. Our tech team is working on to fix this issue and the speed will return by the end of this week.

3. Never Ever do fake registrations from your Referral Link

 This is the biggest mistake which few of our members do. Please note that WE CHECK EACH REFERRAL IN DETAIL before issuing you a payout. So, fake registrations is the last thing you should do. Keep your PaisaLive account in good standing and benefit from its regular income model. 

 To increase your referral income, post PaisaLive referral link in your Facebook / Orkut Profile, on your website, blog, Yahoo! Messenger and at the end of your email as a signature. You will see your earnings increase instantly.

4. Subscribe to our SMS Alerts and Email Notifications for Tips and Tricks

At least 5 days a week, we increase the payouts for all the members. These tips and tricks will be announced in only our Email Alerts Service. Join our email alerts from . SMS Alert service, currently available in India only, is useful for payment announcements.

5.Never Submit Junk data on Advertiser's Page

Just for the sake of participating in a campaign, you should not fill any junk data on advertiser's pages. We get consolidated report from the advertisers where we are able to link your account to a junk entry, if you do so. In that case, we reserve the right to suspend your account. So, again, keeping your PaisaLive account in good standing is the best thing you can do. PaisaLive is NOT a get rich quick kind of scheme, but we are THE ONLY RELIABLE ONLINE EARNING PROGRAM, which actually pays its members. We are a registered company doing business with all the large media houses in India. If you have a look at our advertisers, they are all renowned brands. And if such top brands trust in PaisaLive, you have all the reasons to believe in this concept called PaisaLive.


What is

1. PaisaLive allows you to earn money when you check advertiser's promotion. You watch ads in your Email Website, Social Network, Newspapers, Television, but none of them pays you to check the advertisements. On the other hand, PaisaLive pays you to check our reputed advertiser's promotions.

2. PaisaLive also pays you when you login to your account daily. We send you Fresh Promotions everyday which you can check.

3. Other than that, PaisaLive also pays you when you refer your friends to join this website and be a part of this unique revolution.



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